Christmas canapés and Moorish Dip giveaway!

Christmas canapés for Christmas parties are up there with some of my favourite things to make in the festive period. I love creating bitesized morsels, and love eating them even more! Here are a few tips to help your Christmas parties run smoothly!

1. Make ahead


A classic tip, but a great one!   Make-ahead canapes are a great trick to have up your sleeve, and choux canapes is especially great as the empty shells defrost in minutes. Make the shells up to three months in advance and freeze, whip up a filling, fill, and you’re good to go. I’ve shared my favourite three easy fillings below: smoked trout with horseradish, goats cheese with sundried tomato and a sweet chestnut and chocolate variation.

2.  Self-serve drinks

My family have a big Christmas Eve party every year, and something that works really well is a make-your-own drinks area. We allocate a small table or end of a worktop to all our glasses (the more shapes and sizes the better!) and then have spirits, mixers - all kinds of beverages, on the counter too. No faffing with getting everyone a separate drink, and creates a relaxed vibe almost immediately.

3. Food for sharing

Stock up on easy sharing foods. Warm camemberts, dips, oils and breads - it's easy to prepare crudités and makes your guests feel healthy too! I've recently discovered Moorish Smoked Dips, and they are absolutely heavenly - they SMOKE humous, why has no one else done this?! They've generously given me a whole crate of their delicious dips, from smoked humous to garlic and lemon aioli and nutty babaganoush. The lucky winner will automatically have their Christmas off to a great start. Enter below: