Martha's first book, TWIST, was published on July 14th 2016. 

You can purchase a copy on Amazon here or find a copy in all major bookshops. 

In Martha's first book Twist, she offers a brilliant new approach to baking – a way to master baking, while adding 'twists' to recipes to make contemporary bakes that everyone will love. 

With clever illustrations and know-how throughout, alongside beautiful photography, Martha demonstrates how to take basic recipes and alter them into something new. Whether it’s a cake, a biscuit or even a pastry recipe, she shows how to alter the method, the balance of ingredients or the mixture of flavours to ensure exciting, magical bakes every time. Transform her Never-Fail Vanilla Cupcakes into Lemon Cheesecake Cupcakes, for example, or Caramel Macchiatos. Try Pink Grapefruit Drizzle Cake, instead of the usual Lemon, and then mix it up with Gin & Tonic flavours. Or take Macarons to a whole new level and try Cosmopoliton or even Mojito versions. 

What people are saying about it:

'A wonderful guide to rustling up Martha's tried-and-trusted favourites. It is engaging, well-written and reflects her interest in the science underpinning baking' - YOU magazine

'Reliable recipes for favourite bakes, as well as new ideas for creations that are sure to impress' - GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

'Martha has definitely accomplished a lot in a short time and Twist demonstrates that she is a competent and creative baker. I’m really pleased to have Twist on my baking bookshelf.' - Julie's Family Kitchen