Chai-spiced chocolate tart, chocolate tips AND a giveaway!

It’s GBBO finals day so I’m sharing a gorgeous, shiny new recipe with you all! I’ve partnered with Lindt Excellence to whip up some indulgent chocolate bakes using their delicious bars. This tart showcases chocolate at it’s finest and is super intense in flavour. The chai spices add a lovely warmth to the filling that makes you want to snuggle into autumn by a fireside with a generous portion.

70 percent 20181024103545_IMG_6162.jpg

Tip 1: Always choose premium. Baking with good-quality chocolate is paramount to creating good quality bakes, especially in a tart like this one where chocolate is the star. Lindt Excellence bars range from 70% cocoa solids to 99% cocoa solids, all which have their place in the baking world. As standard, I usually bake with 70-80% chocolate as I particularly like the balance of bitterness and richness, but the high percentages can be lovely in homemade truffles and in small amounts.


Tip 2: Heat with caution! Chocolate is very sensitive to heat and burns easily. A good thing to remember is that a chocolate bar will melt in your pocket, so never needs excessive heat. Always heat indirectly over a very low heat. A metal bowl helps you control the heat best as it is a great conductor.


Tip 3: Add salt! Sea salt and chocolate might sound like a strange combination, but salt helps to bring out the different flavour profiles in the chocolate and compliments it really well. Try it next time you’re baking with chocolate - you might be pleasantly surprised!

top down spice tart.jpg

Chai-spiced chocolate tart


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