Grapefruit and white chocolate possets

Dare it be mentioned, but this glorious summer of sunshine is steering towards its end. The picnic rugs, alfresco diningware and beach barbeques are packed away ready for the first hints of spring, but don’t despair! Bidding a fond farewell to summer means welcoming autumn with open arms, embracing chunky knits, nights snuggled by the fire and dinner parties, which leads me right into this recipe.

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Posset isn’t a dessert we hear much about, but all that should soon change as it is the three things you need in a dinner party dessert; laughably simple, make-ahead AND elegant. I’ve been on the lookout for gorgeous saucer glasses for a while, so when I saw these Optic Pink Laura Ashley glasses I knew they’d be the perfect partner for this silky dessert. I’m a sucker for coloured glassware, and these are definitely my favourite new additions (I’ve got my eye on the matching champagne flutes and tumblers too!).

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 The science behind posset is fascinating, as it is made essentially from just 3 ingredients; the juice of a citrus fruit, cream and sugar. It manages to gain the silky, luxurious texture of a more complex custard thickened by egg or corn flour in an entirely different, much simpler way.  When you add acidic lemon juice to milk, it curdles, but cream has a far higher percentage of fat which limits its ability to follow suit. Instead of curdling, the acidified cream thickens and becomes silky and smooth. I’ve also added white chocolate to my posset as it’s creamy sweetness really lifts the sharp yet fragrant grapefruit to a new level. It's rich and indulgent, but it’s for a special occasion and will have your guests falling in love with their dessert.

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Pink grapefruit and white chocolate posset

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This recipe is from Crave, a baking book dedicated to satisfying your cravings with chapters ranging from citrus to chocolate to cheese. You can find it on Amazon or most good booksellers. This post was written for the Laura Ashley blog.